The Bite Magazine - Autumn/Winter 2021 - Issue 30

AN INVITA bitebeauty LA MAXIME F ounded by Jacqueline Koo, La Maxime is a skincare range based on natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free and free-from chemicals, GMO (Ge- netically Modified Organisms), artificial fragrance and colouring. When asked about the origins of her brand and philosophy, Jacqueline explained, “Around 2007 (in my early 50s), I saw myself in the mirror. I saw sag- ging skin and fine lines and then had skin rashes out of the blue (maybe due to a hormonal imbalance through menopause), leaving scars and pigmentations. But it was during one of my visits to Korea that I understood the importance of natural remedies.” She then added, “One of my friends took me to an art studio in the quiet countryside. They used red earth as a natural fabric die (instead of synthetic die), which provided healing to the atopic skin and cooling for the summer heat. In my teenage years, my purulent nasal discharge was cured using natural herbs. These experiences were added to my appreciation of natural healing.” From there, Jacqueline embarked on years of studies and research into the botanical world and experimented with ingredients to compact not only the signs of ageing but other skincare issues to offer a range of completely natural products. Jacqueline’s mission is to create skincare products that will benefit all women by addressing dry, oily, or sensitive skin conditions and fixing wrinkly skin to look smooth and younger than their biological age. “It makes me feel elated when people write to me about how much their skin has been improved. I decided it was about time to release La Maxime to the world.” Since then, La Maxime has been developed a fantastic collection of products highly respected and loved, for the face, body and hair. Already familiar with some of the skincare products, thanks to Jacqueline, I was over the moon to try the rest of her luxurious collection. Photography by Tony Wellington