The Bite Magazine - Autmn/Winter 2020 - Issue 28

bitejewellery Unapologetic I n life, some career paths are not meant to remain constant; they sometimes go on several journeys before reaching their desired state. Alison Morris, founder of ‘unapologetic unisex jewellery’ brand Veiled Rebel, initially started her career as a solicitor but later found she wanted to do something creative. She did a stint as a fashion stylist, before finding her calling in jewellery. Firstly, working with beads, Alison decided to broaden her skillset with courses at City Lit and Central Saint Martins.  Now a jewellery designer for the past five years, Alison predominantly works with metals, acrylic, resin, wax, and leather which, she says, has enhanced her creativity to no end. The career change was no accident since jewellery has always played a central role in her life and is a massive part of her culture. “Both my parents were born in Guyana, South America. I was gifted gold jewellery by my family as a child, and this continued throughout my life for all special occasions.”  The best moment of her new creative journey was sitting in a souk in Marrakech, drinking mint tea, and bartering over semi-precious stones. “Now, I didn’t know how to barter, and I didn’t know what I was going to do with these stones, but I’m impulsive. And here’s the thing, I had my new stones, and when I couldn’t find someone to make the bracelet I wanted to wear, I made it myself.” Thus, Alison’s background and newly found passion led to her designing and creating her own luxury jewellery.  Today, Veiled Rebel provides rebellious, edgy silver jewels that do not seek to confine itself by assigning to a particular gender. Its capsule collection Venom is inspired “by the sweet spot where sleek silver beauty meets bold metal hardware” with claws and talons, sharp- ended blade-like stacking rings and earrings, the stable of the jewellery pieces. Highly technical pieces such as the Naked Ring may look like a simple band to the untrained eye, but the perfect flat edge on the top and bottom was achieved skilfully.  Alison believes in and loves authenticity and creating jewellery which matters the most to her as a designer. “I create pieces that I want to wear; seriously edgy and relentlessly cool. My designs are led purely