The Bite Magazine - Autmn/Winter 2020 - Issue 28

bitecatwalk A s I watched the AW20 collection from Devota & Lomba, I noted that everything felt very, well, heavy. And yes, it’s an AW collection, and the idea of heavier, warmer pieces for autumn and winter is a total given. However, despite the lovely jewel-toned colour palette that walked out in everything from billowy blouses and slinky flared pants in luxuri- ous crepe silks and soft velvets, to thick, chunky oversized floral printed quilted brocaded jackets, and caplets in wool and boucle, the collection felt a bit dense. For some odd reason, the Lomba brand, who happens to be renowned for their gift in architecture design, construction, and function of garments, presented this recent assemblage as a very well-made, albeit rehashed line-up of been-there-done-that pieces. It felt as if they had an idea to create a collection geared toward those who desire to dress like timid librarians, whilst raiding their grandmother's closets for vintage finds from the '60s. Then pair them with the odd patent leather shoes and boots, all the while topping the looks off with large bows and slim neckties. The sombre music also did little to pep the steps of the models on parade, who did not look enthusiastic, as they marched melanchol- ically down the long runway. Individually, however, I did like many of the pieces. The first navy coat that walked out was gorgeous and well-tailored, as was the long sleeveless plum coloured crepe blazer and matching wide-legged pants. The floral sequinned top was a nice jolt of personality, and the pair of cropped high-cuffed pants would be adorable paired with high stiletto ankle-wrapped sandals, but as a cohesive mass, I was left feeling a bit blue.