The Bite Magazine - Autmn/Winter 2020 - Issue 28

bitecatwalk can’t wrap my head around this collection. First and foremost, it’s MASSIVE! The insane number of ensembles all impecca- bly tailored and excellently constructed that were shown represents the talented skillset behind the brand. Still, the vast number of looks aside, I was a bit confused by it all. I thought the model line-up was vastly lacking in diversity. Honestly, for menswear pieces though, they were again, expertly fabricated. The bright and contrasting colour choices, fabric pairings and styling, were indeed impressive, which stuck to the wishes of Mans’ creative director, Jaime Al- varez. “The aim of the Mans firm is to reconduct masculine elegance sensibly, without fanfare or madness, and for this, it proposes relaxed suits made with feminine fabrics such as tulle or silk; of course, with absolute respect for artisan tailor- ing.” However, nothing really caught my attention. It seems as if the ‘80s were trying to crash into mod- ern design aesthetics but ultimately it splash-col- lided to form a bit of an asymmetrical mash-up of transparent shirts, silk cropped pants, baggy corduroy trouser suits and funky, funky shoes. Alvarez wanted this collection to move away from his known streetwear designs and focus more on the idea of reinventing the tuxedo. This notion did indeed come to fruition with this compelling collection; it just simply didn’t read overly and entirely wearable for the average person as whole looks, but perhaps that was the point. I don’t know, I want to say I liked it, but something keeps me going back over it again and again. I did LOVE the trench coats, though! ciones