The Bite Magazine - Autmn/Winter 2020 - Issue 28

bitegadgets Nura Introduces Its Self Learning Headphone That Adapts To Match The User’s Hearing M elbourne-based personalised sound pioneer brand nura is a passionate group of music-loving scientists, engineers, and creatives. They believe headphones have not accounted for the drastic differences in people’s hear- ing for decades. The winners of CES Best of Innovation Award, Red Dot’s Best of the Best Award and Good Design Award 2018 have launched a highly anticipated reinvention of the head- phone that looks, feels, and works in a radically different way to conventional models. The nuraphone is built to deliver the most immersive experi- ence of the music you love. At its core is a self-learning engine that automatically measures the hearing of the user by monitor- ing otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) caused by the motion of the cochlea’s sensory hair cells as they respond to auditory stimu- lation. Nuraphone uses this information to adapt the sound of the headphones to perfectly match the user’s hearing and bring music into sharp focus. The learning process only takes about a minute and is performed using a companion app available free on iOS and Android. Once personalised, your profile is stored on the nuraphone deliver- ing perfect sound from any music source such as a smartphone, computer, home stereo, or aeroplane seat. The nuraphone can store up to three unique profiles so it can be shared and com- pared with your friends. With an in-ear and over-ear capacity, it delivers bass you can feel through nura’s revolutionary architecture inovaTM while maintaining crystal-clear detail. It works by splitting the melod- ic sounds to an in-ear speak and low-tones to an over-ear driver that delivers the bass through your skin. Users can adjust the level of immersion with the companion app. Thanks to the dual isolation of inovaTM, the nuraphone does not let any noise in or leak any sound out. The ear cups are formed from lightweight aluminium which is complemented by a headband made from Japanese spring steel. SoftTouchTM biocompatible silicone provides superior com- fort and a novel TeslaFlowTM music-activated cooling system keeps your ears comfortable even after hours of listening. The headphones feature aptXTM HD Bluetooth which supports the highest quality sound for wireless connectivity. It also has a universal port for USB-A, USB-C, micro USB, Lightning, and 3.5 mm analogue connectivity options. The inbuilt smart response powers off when you remove the nura- phone from your head to preserve the battery, which provides at least 20 hours of active use, so you can listen all day and charge at night. Get yours online at nura.