The Bite Magazine - Autmn/Winter 2020 - Issue 28

bitebeauty For women who need to repair, strengthen, and improve hair growth, Mayraki Professional may be the instant answer to your prayers. Giedre Jackyte took the opportunity to test the hair products and provide us with her final results. Mayraki Professional T here is a saying our hair is the most beautiful crown a woman can wear, and since winter is here, it is more important than ever to take ex- tra care of this precious ‘crown’ that we, women, wear. It is no secret that during cold periods we are more likely to suffer from dry, dull and thinning hair that very often leads to hair loss. But worry no more be- cause Mayraki Professional has developed products that solve hair and scalp problems and improves the condition of your hair. Mayraki Professional is a hair care company founded by a group of hair professionals, herbalists, and chem- ists who are on the mission to provide solutions for the endless hair and scalp problems experienced by many. And it’s also 100% vegan. The name Mayraki is taken from the Greek word ‘Meraki’ which means “to leave a piece of yourself in your work.” The hair company has dedicated years to scientific research and combined the latest haircare technolo- gy with the purest organic ingredients to produce a high-quality extensive range of hair products. A few products stand out more than the others such as the Mayraki Anti Hairloss & Hair Growth Shampoo Kit, Ultra Repairing & Weightless Moisture Shampoo, and Scalp Purifying & Anti-Ageing Scalp Cleanser. Anti Hairloss & Hair Growth Shampoo Kit is a scalp purifying, anti-ageing and anti-hair loss cleanser filled with antioxidants and enriched with natural ingredi- ents. Artemisia Argyi Extract boosts hair regrowth, thickens and strengths hair strands. Commiphora Erythraea Oil (Myrrh) strengthens the hair roots and reduces hair loss while combating dandruff; and high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, Sunflower Ex- tract helps to nourish dry hair and scalps. Olea Europaea Oil contains antibacterial and an- ti-fungal properties and increases the supply of essen- tial nutrients to the hair follicles. Almond Oil is rich in protein, omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E and im- proves the shine and strength of your hair; and Castor Seed Oil helps to enrich the scalp and once massaged in, it increases blood circulation which enhances hair growth. Those who have never considered using a scalp cleanser may miss out on the opportunity to en- sure their hair stays glowing, strong and healthy. Thus, the shampoo kit deeply cleanses and eliminates product build-up and debris on the scalp, reduces hair follicle inflammation, and allows the hair to absorb