The Bite Magazine - Autmn/Winter 2020 - Issue 28

bitebeauty A romatherapist Sarah Ayten describes herself as “a mysterious and elegant entrepreneur with a passion for nature and protecting the environ- ment.” She has created a process that other aro- matherapists may not have thought of: combining art and aromatherapy. After graduating from the London College of Fashion, she worked in beauty and skincare in London’s Covent Garden for brands such as Space.NK, Shu Uemura, and Liberty London. As a professional make-up artist and skin care consult- ant, she freelanced for catwalk shows, fashion magazines, and photographic studios. She then pursued her passion in performing arts which included acting, photographic modelling, music videos, and expressive dance. After fully immersing herself in the performing arts industry, Sarah felt drawn to her creativity. It was at this point she decided to channel and express her emotions through different me- diums such as art and aromatherapy. Her aromatherapy journey enabled her to experience a va- riety of emotions, personally, both physically and mentally. “I’m an emphatic person who picks up energies with ease and therefore decided to explore my emotions through different mediums of art and performance as well as my passion for nature.” Thus, she developed an art exhibition called ‘A Dark Night of the Soul - Into the LIGHT’ in April 2019, consisting of a mixed media of painting, poetry, per- formance art, and music designed by Aconite in Berlin. From the exhibition, she founded Ayten Aromatherapy which reflects her passion and desire to produce premium therapeutic grade essential oils. Having trained in aroma- therapy and gained extensive experience working with es- sential oils over the years, she experimented with different ingredients from around the world. Through her market research, she discovered the originality of each particular component and their extraction process as well as people’s main areas of concern for their health. Knowing her purpose and passion means everything to the founder. “I personally explored the market, research- ing alternative medicine to alleviate anxiety and depression as well as practicing mindfulness meditation. I realised that I’m able to use my intuition and authentic ability to design products for people’s physical and emotional re- quirements.” Through her respect for Mother Nature, Sarah makes high end, eco-friendly products worldwide designed for everyone. When it comes to the subject of beauty, the aromatherapist says there is an aesthetic side as well as an emotional side. “I believe in a balance between the physical and emotional. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I believe in being authentic and aligned; discovering the person you real- ly are.” By being her own boss and developing a business she is passionate about as well as knowing herself, she says every day is different, and she can expand on her knowl- edge daily. Re-Align was the first product that Sarah developed and is the most meaningful as it helped to alleviate her anxi- ety. This premium blend of nagarmotha (nutgrass), gera- nium, black pepper, cedarwood, palo santo (holy wood), Geranium Eucalyptus Fruit Lavender