The Bite Magazine - Autmn/Winter 2020 - Issue 28

THE ART OF DERMAGRAPHICS “The results are amazing and it’s the solution I’ve always been looking for” Permanent make-up is for anyone who wish- es to look their best 24/7. It will enhance your best-liked features and areas that might be lack- ing will become more desirable. Eyebrows If you have fair or very fine hair and you need to add oomph to your brows. This can be done either with make-up, tinting, or cosmetic tat- tooing. It’s true that fuller eyebrows are more youthful than skinny overplucked ones. The eyebrows play a very important role and should work in harmony with the whole face. The eyebrow en- hancement will help minimise flaws and restore balance and symmetry ensuring the picture gets noticed not just the frame. The hair stroke enhancement is a process of creating fine strands of hair to mimic your own. A specialist digital machine is used which is in- credibly gentle and this technique is the most realistic and longest-lasting option, making it the perfect solution for perfecting eyebrows. Ombré is an alternative technique that can pro- duce a soft powder-fill effect allowing for soft edges and can also be combined with strokes. Lips Lip colouring produces the most beautiful ef- fect on the lips and will help you to achieve your lips; full potential. A soft sheer colour is applied all over the lips: unlike lipstick, it won't rub off making this treatment a real treat. If lips are uneven, balance and symmetry can be restored and flaws like scars can be cam- ouflaged. Naturally pale lips can be enhanced with a lip blushing effect that will last all sum- mer and beyond. The bold lip liners of the ‘90s are no longer in trend. Permanent lip procedures have evolved resulting in the most natural look possible and undetectable definition. Eyes Eye enhancement will open and lift the eyes while correcting flaws. Eyeliner has always been a lifesaver for many women since the time of Cleopatra. The eye enhancement is a fantastic treatment to make the eyes more beautiful and also to correct the shape of the eyes. Using revolutionary techniques we can now add a soft shadow effect for something more special. Permanent make-up should provide you with a natural enhancement, ensuring you look your best on a day-to-day basis and offering you with a base for make-up for when you want to add more. London Artist Renée takes great pride in producing beautiful natural and long-lasting results.