The Bite Magazine - Autmn/Winter 2020 - Issue 28

biteperfume S ome perfumes evoke a memory or an emotion and take you back to a specific moment in time, whether it is joyous or sad. JusBox Perfumes is the encounter be- tween music and perfume that merges into one sound and exudes the absolute quality of a ‘Made in Italy’ product. The scents are created in collaboration with some of the most renowned master perfumers in the world with the most pre- cious ingredients and refined raw materials, expression of ex- cellence, art, know-how, and design. Whether it is the Cheeky Smile, Black Powder, or Beat Café, each fragrance pays homage to those music icons who have left a mark in the history of music and touched the soul regardless of age, gender, and belief. It also appreciates the music genres that have entirely changed the canons of music and opened new, innovative roads. ‘If music be the food of love’ as quoted in William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, then let the fragrance be the emblem of eventful experiences. JusBox Perfumes indeed thrives on the union between music and perfume since they both have the extraordinary ability to bring out the most hidden emotions and memories. As the brand says, “A scent that marked a specific moment in your life comes flooding back, and suddenly memories re-emerge. In the same way, hearing a song that once meant so much to you instantly touches your soul, recalling moments you thought you had forgotten.” The essence inside the precious JusBox glass bottle has a unique 78 ml capacity in homage to the first phonographic disc that played at 78 rpm. The modern and refined cap celebrates the most well-known device in the history of music: the vinyl record. This one-of-a-kind bottle is enclosed in packaging that evokes both the shape and the act of opening a CD box, with a lyric book that describes the inspiration that led to each elec- tive creation. For instance, 14 Hour Dream designed by French perfumer Antoine Lie is inspired by psychedelic rock. Imagine, as the brand recites, “Mind-blowing psychedelic lights [as] the in- triguing scent of patchouli fills the air [and] the warmth of bodies dancing in ecstasy creates an endless whirl. Pink Floyd notes awaken the senses during a festival that became a leg- end.” Lie truly tributes this fragrance to one of the ‘70s most legendary music festivals that had an exhilarating performance from the famous rock band. With Feel ’n’ Chill, designed by French perfumer Dominique Ropion, you’ll find yourself at Café del Mar in San Antonio, Ibiza sipping a mojito while the sun is going down. The DJ is playing while your thoughts are melting into the peace of a western dusk. “Music soundtracks the emotion of the moment and gives life to memories. A reggae groove brings the body and mind into the same rhythm while the reinforced pulsing downbeat creates an evanescent, impalpable atmosphere.” JUSBOX PERFUMES Jada Brookes allows the musical influences of JusBox Perfumes to embrace her senses, including the latest fragrance, Night Flow