The Bite Magazine - Autmn/Winter 2020 - Issue 28

bitebeauty SKINCARE AND WELLBEING GIFTS FOR EVERYBODY Heinrich Barth Face and Body Lo- tion and Hair Conditioner for All Hair Types This is a collection that is going to be loved by anyone with ultra-sensitive skin and scalp. The Face and Body Lotion has a silky, velvety feel to the touch, but delivers a rich, non-greasy moisturiser. It is enriched with natu- ral botanical oils from Argan, Calendula, Rosa Canina, to Shea Butter, Aloe Leaf Juice and Sweet Almond Oil. The lotion has a very hydrating, calming and soothing effect on the skin, leaving it feeling comfortable, fresh and very, very soft. The creamy Hair Conditioner delivers an excellent product to use on delicate and sensitive scalps. The unique blend of fruit extracts, such as Kiwi, Olive, and Flowers, and herb extracts, such as Thyme, Chamomile and Witch Hazel, detangle and reinforce any hair type, leaving it shiny, healthier, and more robust. I love the feel of both products and their richness. My skin feels brighter and more comfortable on the dryer patches. My hair feels very nourished, shiny and the split ends are a lot softer and smoother. Most importantly, they are fragrance, paraben, and PEG free, with no artificial colouring or animal derivatives. INSTITUT ESTHEDERM INTEN- SIVE PROPOLIS COLLECTION This skincare range has been created to bring balance, and repair congested skin and is the ideal gift for an- yone who wants healthier skin using high-quality and effective ingredients. I am a big fan of Propolis and its beneficial effects on the body, and I am delighted with the brilliant results the range has on my skin. Long re- search has proven that Propolis is rich in antibacterial, soothing and purifying properties, and it is most suita- ble to treat skin that suffers from imperfections. Intense Propolis and Salicylic Acid Concentrate Serum Infused with the beneficial properties of Propolis, this targeted serum addresses any issues related to blemish- es, blackheads and blocked pores. This special formula, rich in Salicylic Acid helps to reduce any marks caused by defects. It is excellent in evening out the texture and the size of open pores to make the skin look more tightened, even and radiant. The non-greasy serum is amber in colour due to its high percentage of Propolis which mattifies the skin instantly, eliminating any signs of oiliness. The high-precision dropper tip helps you to use the right amount. For best results apply only in the evening locally to blemishes or on the oily T-Zone, front, nose and chin. Intensive Propolis and Ferulic Acid Skin Perfecting Cream This Perfecting Cream is a light and silky cream, rich in the antibacterial and purifying properties of Prop- olis, which has been formulated with Ferulic Acid for its beneficial property of antioxidants, useful for smoothing the skin out and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Day after day, the skin appears more balanced, with fewer imperfections and the lines feel smoother while the texture is more matte, reveal- ing a younger, brighter looking skin. By using it every day, my skin felt tighter and more youthful-looking and healthier. Intensive Propolis and Kaolin Puri- fying Mask This lovely smooth face mask is excellent for unclog- ging the pores and minimising imperfections at first use. The mask has a soft texture, and when applied, it feels refreshing and soothing straight away, thanks to the Propolis interaction, while Kaolin helps to reduce the presence of excess sebum. Together, the skin looks clear, purified, softer and healthier. For best results, ap- ply on clean skin and leave to dry for 15 minutes before rinsing. Use twice a week for intense action, then re- duce to once a week. I love its aromatic, delicate scent and the way it makes the skin feeling smoother, softer, more transparent, and brighter. DRAGONFLY CBD COLLECTION This collection is perfect for anyone who loves organ- ic and botanical ingredients in their skincare regime. Dragonfly’s organic production of CBD oil, which is a compound of the hemp plant, is the base ingredients in this collection. Renowned for its hydrating and sooth- ing beneficial effect on the skin, CBD oil is rich in anti- oxidants, which are helpful to protect the cells from the environmental damages and sun exposure. Renowned for absorbing sebum, it helps even the skin out and is a great help in keeping younger and smoother looking skin. I loved the feel of the creams and found them very soothing and calming, leaving my skin super soft. All Dragonfly products are quality tested and verified by two independent third-party labs.