The Bite Magazine - Autumn/Winter 2019 - Issue 26

DTX The Deep Clean Cellular Evolution bite beauty Dawn Hunt explains what to expect when going for a hydro-colonic cleanse at DTX Cellular Evolution which is beneficial to your health. D etoxes, cleanses, fasts, and diets, oh my! The things we go through to be toxin-free and squeaky clean are pretty insane if one stops to think about it. Everything from drinking only celery and cabbage juice sprinkled with organic collagen, to wrapping ourselves in exotic seaweeds and muds, to the ever pleasant coffee enemas, we’ll do just about anything to achieve the best ‘we’ can be. Despite all of these fads, one of the best wellness treatments has to be the hydro-co- lonic provided by DTX Cellular Evolution. Co-founded by the talented and delightful Cindy Suarez and Armando Fente, DTX Cellular Evolution opened its doors in 2013. Each having worked for years in the well- ness trade, Cindy was co-owner of LYT, another colonic therapy centre, and Fente worked at Chakra 17 and then later LYT; they pooled their knowledge and expertise to- gether as colon therapists to create DTX. “The journey began in 2000 when I was a client expe- riencing great benefits from an alkalising diet and co- lon therapy. I realised that this would be my method of health upkeep and then I became a therapist in 2001. In 2006, I co-owned LYT for seven years and in 2013 it was time to create DTX. I love providing an intimate centre [which] offers clients a respite from the NYC hustle and provides services that are outside of the typical spa treat- ment. Hence, DTX, a modern, tranquil, clean and friendly environment where clients come to cleanse and heal at the cellular level,” shares Suarez. Fente’s training in colon therapy was somewhat similar, as both became interested in practicing after they each ex- perienced the great health benefits of colonics. “I was in-