The Bite Magazine - Summer 2019 - Issue 25

T here are lots of exciting new beauty products to fall in love with this summer. From sleeping masks, night serums, lip balms to hair and nails solutions and slimming creams, they all have super jobs to do: reduce facial lines, bring back elasticity and make us look slimmer and tight. bite beauty Beauty Editor Giovanna Zac takes us on a tour of skin care products for the summer that promotes beautiful, younger and flawless skin. SUMMER SKIN BEAUTY VAGHEGGI SKIN CARE This very well respected Italian brand has gone one step further in their quest to fight cellulite and replace it with a more slimmer and tighter body figure. For this purpose,Vagheggi has launched a new range called SINECELL.Their main products are CELLULITE SCRUB and CRITICAL AREAS REDUCING CREAM. The scrub works wonders in the shower, thanks to its combination of grains made of crushed lychee seeds, Mediterranean salts, and oils and butters which turns the product into a soft milk capable of counteracting cellulite appearance while exfoliating at the same time. The effects are quite strong, therefore you only need to use once a week.The very generous size last a very long time, allowing you to start the treatment from spring until the end of summer. Its best companion is the awesome CRITICAL AREAS REDUCING CREAM, an incredible cream that is also very powerful.Made from sea weed extracts Polysiphonia Brodiei and Phyllacanta Fibrosa, it works its magic in the most notorious areas of the body, waist, abdomen, hips, gluteus and arms. Once applied, the cream works by creating a warming sensation. You get a sense of the product working as the heat penetrates right into the skin. The cream can be applied day or night. I personally enjoyed using it more during the evenings as the heat produced, for me, was powerful enough, and a small quantity is just perfect.The results are impressive and long-lasting. A perfect way to start the summer with a slimmer figure. PROTO-COL INTENSE HYDRATION NIGHT CREAM Another fantastic new skin care treatment from skin technology brand Proto-col is the Intense Hydration Night Cream. Its combination of collagen and a potent of anti-ageing ingredients is totally paraben-free and creates a super-lush night cream, to help against the signs of ageing and dry skin. The texture is silky and smooth, bringing freshness and hydration instantly. Ideal as a night treatment, the Hydration Cream can be used in the day if you’re suffering from very dehydrated skin.When using this, my skin felt very soft and hydrated. I loved the sensation of freshness and the uplifting scent straight after application. Its airless pump allows its special ingredients to stay pure and sealed for optimum results. A real summer treat for the dry season.