Strolling around the various events during London Fashion Week, I encounter an adorable French cosmetic brand: Miss Ferling. This is a brand dedicated to women total happiness. Her cosmetic motto is loud and clear: “Skin care for all women looking for fresh, originals and efficient beauty products.” The skin care range is a delight and the one-of-a-kind 1950’s purse-size packaging makes it impossible to resist for any fashionista in town. From the entire “Made-in-France” range, which is entirely silicon, mineral oil and paraben- free, I have selected two of my “cannot live without “ fav: hands and lip cream.

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BAUME DE DOLMATIE: Spotted Hand Cream

You don’t need to be a Dalmatian lover to fall in love with Baume de Dolmatie. The hand cream comes in a super bright, gorgeous packaging, it works like magic, smells divine and it is super fun to use thanks to slightly shimmering black spots embedded in within the white cream. Hyaluronic acid, White Lily, deliciously melting Black Liquorice dots leave the skin of your hands super soft, like velvet feel, powdery and non-sticky. Its richness allows this powerful purse-size hand cream to last for a very long beautiful time too.



BAUME DU DODO: Pyjama Lip Balm

This is a powerful lip balm, to wear at night to help repairing damaged or cracked lips skin while sleeping. The combination of Almond Butter, Linden, Verbena and a repairing formula blend of vegetable waxes and oils create a super smooth, soothing and non-sticky balm. The orange flower aroma is so yummy it makes it really hard not to eat it. Baume du Dodo balm is definitely the one to use prior to any date or event engagement.


Baume de Dalmatie and Baume du Dodo, together with all the range from Miss Ferling are available at www.mybeautytime.co.uk



Giovanna Zac

Beauty Editor

Photography by Lilla Nyeki






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