New Extra Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing cream by Clarins

New Year, new products, new CLARINS.


I am huge fan of the brand and I am thrilled to share the news of Clarins new first product of the year, even though its research is not at all new: starting from 1991, Clarins has dedicated a good part of their collections, mainly foundations, to solve problems such as urban pollution which effects our skin condition causing premature ageing, and together, with the damages effect of sun exposure, causes also skin disorders including age spots, moles or skin tags. Clarins has launched a brand new, and their first, cleansing cream capable to eliminate all traces of pollution from our skin making sure its surface is completely chemicals and impurities free. The secrets ingredients is the Moringa Seed, also known in India as “The MiracleTree”. The natural proteins within the extract has amazing purifying propertiesable to bring the skin to a youthful self, looking radiant, fresh and deeply cleansed. The special formula and combination of Jojoba Oil, Mango and  Shea Butter will contribute to soften, strengthen and hydrate the skin while cleansing. To get the best out of the cleanser, use it morning and evening, just
a small amount on the palm of your hand, bring it to skin temperature and massage it all over the face and neck with circular movements. Rinse off with water or tissue off and finish with application of toning lotion.



For even better results Clarins recommends the use of the following toners chosen according to skin types:

Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion, with extract of Honey, Almond, Mango
and vitamins complex for Dry or Sensitive skin.

Toning Lotion with Camomile, the alcohol-free, floral and Vitamins
complex, is ideal for Normal or Dry skin and

Toning Lotion with Iris, to tone and purify Combination or Oily

LOTIONS are available nationwide at all Clarins outlets and

Giovanna Zac

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