RENOUVE: Hand treatment to the best

Is a luxurious, multi task anti-aging hand sanitizer uniquely created to protect, defend and maintaining a younger looking skin for
hands. This lotion, which feels like a serum, contains ingredients to help maintaining the very active and fragile skin on our hands looking younger thanks to the action of collagen stimulating peptides. It also has  a sanitising action that eliminates germs and bacteria without drying the skin because it does not contains ingredients such as alcohol or triclosan, which shown to have a negative effect on our health.


Infused with antioxidants, vitamin E, Chamomilla, Aloe Vera and Bitter Orange peel extract the serum will deeply penetrate the skin stimulating production of collagen while actively diminishes wrinkles, leaving your hand skin feeling moisturized, soft and clean.The luxurious floral signature fragrance of Renouve made by SwissCosmoLab, comes in a beautiful, super-chic slim bottle, ideal for any handbag!

I am looking forward to the rest of the collection!

RENOUVE is available at

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