PURE GOLD COLLAGEN: Beauty Elixir in a bottle

On the 13th on November the Bite Magazine was invited to the London Medi-Spa launch in Chelsea. The MEDI-SPA is a brand new innovative concept of non-surgical and cosmetic dermatology treatments for her and for him. During the evening we were shown various treatment but my eyes went to a very interesting new way to rejuvenate your skin without surgery and just with a little daily drink:

The PURE GOLD COLLAGEN treatment in a bottle.



Packed in a box containing 10 bottles each, this beauty elixir is sugar-free and taste like passion flower.  The recommended amount to take is one bottle per day for about 30 days to improve the general condition of the skin, while if taken for up to 8 weeks firmness and hydration will also increase resulting in a reduction of lines appearance, and  a more youthful, fresh and softer skin. The good news is that this elixir is infused with vitamins and minerals, making it the ideal daily supplement for a general good health, in fact two weeks into the treatment I can see already signs of improvement on my skin, especially around the eye area and the expression lines around my mouth, and my nails feel less brittle too, which is already very impressing. I am looking forward to finish the treatment in the next 4 weeks and book myself for a derma test to watch my results and skin improvement. Watch this space and read the full article featured in the next spring issue of the Bite Magazine where we will look at this revolutionary new treatment in more depth and with more skin test and final results.


PURE GOLD COLLAGEN is available from
Boots stores nationwide, www.boots.com and

Skin analyses, non-surgical beauty and hair treatment are available at www.thelondonmedispa.com or at The Midi-Spa, 163-165 Draycott Avenue, Chelsea London SW3 3AJ

Giovanna Zac

Beauty Editor

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