Fashion in Motion – Kansai Yamamoto

 This is Kansai Yamamoto the first Japanese designer to hold a fashion show at the V&A in London this year.


Pushing boundaries and setting a stance, and creating magical and forward thinking fashion, words like conventional do not merit what this Designer has to offer. His colourful and show stopping fashion really shows off his interpretation of traditional Japanese stagehand.

Kansai’s high profile clients in the 1970’s were icons of fashion, such as David Bowie and John Lennon. They all shared the same secret. They pushed the social boundaries of acceptance and channelled new and fantastic ways to speak through fashion. His Show today comes with the title ‘Fashion in motion’ which says to me that quite rightly so that fashion is always moving and always evolving.


Kansai’s show today still portrayed those elements of fulfilment and universal colour that could be enjoyed by everyone.

‘The dynamic energy of the Japanese, the ability to create new things without being bound by the old’

‘A new gateway to the design of Kansai Yamamoto is about to open’

He is a forward thinker and he feels that his designs can be a vehicle to express these little known aspects of Japanese culture to a wider audience in this dynamic way.


Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto was the subject of the previous Fashion in Motion.

photography: Tony Wellington

report: Shelley Martin


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