When Fashion Meets Art – Maria Steffani and Ella Valentine launch event

Fashion and art have for a long time fallen hand in hand. With fashion being seen as art and art as fashion, designer Maria Stefanova and artist Ella Valentine literally brought this concept to life at their launch event in September.

Held in South West London pop-up store Creativations-Chelsea, the venue was perfect place to showcase the collaboration. The shop simply oozed creativity and elegance, promising that the eagerly anticipated catwalk show would not be one to disappoint.

Led to the store’s minimalistic white basement guests were greeted with refreshing cocktails provided by Dash Concept and complimentary gift bags from Label.com. The white-shell room allowed for the clothes and artwork to be the only focal points enabling both to be fully appreciated.

Maria Steffani and Ella Valentine

The Maria Steffani collection is definitely one to watch. The sophisticated designs partnered delicate silhouettes with classic neutral colours and soft materials to create the ultimate representation of femininity. Backless garments against sheer fabrics added sensuality, strengthening the range further. Ella’s work was not forgotten as models graced the catwalk wearing her nature and emotion-inspired canvas artwork- surely something that’s not seen at many fashion shows.

Maria Steffani and Ella Valentine


The passion to create was obvious from both artist and designer with the two capturing inspiration from the depth of the human mind. Each of their work reflected the others with the same romantic story drawn from the power of emotions running throughout.

There was a certain essence of desirability as the catwalk took place and the whole event was delightfully refreshing.

Hair and makeup were cared for by Toni&Guy and entertainment was delivered by DJ Sergio Tzanos.

The Maria Steffani collection can be found at www.mariasteffani.com and Ella Valentine’s artwork at www.ellavalentine.net.

photography: Tony Wellington

reportage: Kirby Akindeinde

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