MAC Antonio Lopez Collection


The legendary fashion illustrator is the inspiration behind this new brilliant Mac limited edition colour collections for eyes, lips and face palettes.  Each of them display the marvelous illustrations of Antonio’s fashion muses, known as “Antonio Girls”, making each palette a piece of art to be collected and treasured.

The collection consist of:

Three palettes of 6 eye shadows for eyes in Creative Copper, Violet and Teal

Two face palettes in Pink and Coral, for face and cheeks.

Three lipsticks palettes in Nude, Fuchsia and Red, featuring a combination of matte and satin Mac best color lipsticks.


I love the combination of the Red palette in particular:


For a 3D glamorous effect I like to mix the shades on top of each other starting from the darkest red, Deeply Adored, followed by Scarlet Ibis, all over the lips and for that perfect pout I add a touch of Mac Red (vivid bright red) right in the middle of the lips.

I love to wear them also on their own when I need more of a day time look.

The collection could not be completed without the beautiful Antonio Lopez tote, make-up bag and mirror, they are really cool!

Finally as an art lover I could not end this beautiful Mac collection without a word on Antonio Lopez himself, one of my favorite fashion illustrator ever.

Puerto Rican of origin, Antonio Lopez was a master in fashion illustrations. He moved from NY to Paris in 1969 where he was an associate of Karl Lagerfeld during late 60’s.

Antonio Lopez discovered legends such as Jessica Lange and Jerry Hall. Together with his collaborator Juan Eugene Ramos they discovered Grace Jones and Tina Chow.

Antonio Lopez work is found in his fashion illustration  book “Antonio’s tales from the Thousand and One Night”, published in 1985,and

Antonio Lopez: “Fashion, Art,Sex & Disco”, by Roger and Mauricio Padilha, published by Rizzoli in 2012

MAC ANTONIO LOPEZ LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION is available at all MAC locations, 0870 034 2676 and

Giovanna Zac

Beauty Editor

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