Art Nouveau Hats – by Virag Ildiko Erdei

If you love accessorize and hats, you need to check Virag Ildiko Erdei’s brand the “Masamod” designs. She is creating amazing hats for any occasion. Also making hats and mask for films like The Eagle and theater plays. She finished her studies in Kensington and Chelsea College, as a Millinery. Ildiko also won several fashion competitions. Her latest collection was award winning in Hungary.

The collection was inspired by the Art Nouveau architecture of Central Europe. The key figures are derived from building ornaments and decorations of the period. These are mostly sculptures like gorgons, atlases, nymphs covering a number of buildings in big cities, looking down at us, holding on to tendrils, flowers, exotic plants even accompanied by animals. The sculptures’ everlasting numbness, deep gaze and variety of decorative elements surrounding them served as inspiration. The hats and headdresses are following the same type of dynamics, twisting the classic customs of milinary and creating a new method. The templates and forms are produced the same way as the sculptures themselves. After modelling plaster molds of a statue or a detail, these molds are used to format the hats. Light colours help to create faint lines and a higher contrast, but to keep the form dominant is necessary. A range of organic accessories with floral and braid like motives help to strengthen the special atmosphere around the wearer.

If you would like to see more about Ildiko’s great designs check her website:

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