GS SHOP London Collection Show

On 21st of August, GS SHOP presented autumn/winter 2013 collections of their 4 Korean designers in Korean Cultural Centre in London.

All of the collections were very wearable yet had something to catch your eye.


Alette was created for women craving something different, modern and mystic. Designer’s concept of freedom in the autumn winter collection was expressed through the use of different fabrics and textures (including cashmere, wool, knit, jersey and silk) as well as lots of different colours. Although black was the leading colour of the collection, the use of cobalt blue, ivory and burgundy made the looks feel warm and more alluring.


Xess has been a leading Korean menswear brand since its establishment in 1998, they’ve been highly active in expressing creative fashion for men with their slim fit and mods look. Their autumn winter collection, under the concept of peace in mind, was created with the use of wool and cotton and navy, grey and wine brown as leading colours.


Kim Jae Hwan, A by Jae’s creator and designer adds her own British contemporary twist to her Korean brand. The designer’s focus is on the silhouette of the garments to enhace the women’s body line and shape. With a high attention to premium material and perfect tailoring, the autumn winter collection recreates the womanly beauty with girlish charm and grace as well as some manly elements thrown into the mix. Sexy vivid red popping up in the looks put the whole collection together.


Cadet_H’s brand concept is best described with a quote: “Rather than making clothes, it is more worthwhile to change the attitudes of the people who wear them to designer’s taste in clothes”. With the use of wool and cotton in shades of navy, grey and khaki, the autumn winter collection gives out youthfully sentimental yet functional spirit fit for a modern men. It was launched solely through the GS SHOP.

report: Magdalena Wieclaw

photography: Tony Wellington

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