Touch Back Eyebrow Marker

When it comes to eyebrows I am always on the lookout for new products and innovations. I love well defined eyebrows as they “frame” and give a final touch to any look, whatever the make-up: natural, sophisticated or dramatic. I love a product that stays in power all day and evening and keeps my eyebrows in place without disappearing within the hours. After searching the market I came across this new range by TOUCH BACK EYEBROWS MARKER PEN that does exactly what I need: amazing colour, easy to use and durability.

Touch Back Eyebrow Marker is like a felt pen that colours in the eyebrows hair allowing you a very precise application for any eyebrows shape, including sparse or thin brows. It is the ideal product to cover stray greys. Long lasting, it does not rub off and it stays on for hours, great stuff!

Touch Back Eyebrows Marker is available in five colours: Soft Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Blonde and Auburn.

EYEBROWS MARKER PEN is available at

Giovanna Zac

Beauty Editor

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