Narciss in Riga

This July Narciss finally opened their “3 in 1” shop in Bergs in Riga, Latvia. It is a Store, Atelier and Fashion cafe in one place. You can go there drinking a tasty coffee before browsing from the latest collection of trendy Narciss collection or reading a cool fashion magazines. It is a good place to chill out and fill up with fashion.

The fashion brand was launched by the designer Alise Trautmane who name her company after a Greek myth. Narciss was a young man who fallen in love his own reflection. With this name the designer wanted to create breath taking clothes for women who is self confident and love themselves in a health way.

With her beautiful pieces, it is not hard to do that. The creations are all made of natural fabrics with the best craftsmanship skills. All pieces are unique and elegant garments. Signature style called “Humble luxury” which blends in rest of your wardrobe easily.


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