Natalie Joel, from Made in Chelsea, wearing La Figurelle’s new designs

If you want to buy a sexy lingerie. The overall look needs to include laces,bows and delicate ribbons. La Figuerelle’s designers Geraldine Courtney really pays attention to details and colours. The Irish designer is rescuing women everywhere from the fate of the Bridget Jones ‘granny’ briefs! Her designs shape-wear that is sexy, feminine and glamorous!

Geraldine explains the vision behind her brand, “La Figurelle’s designs are as effective as regular shape-wear, but will have you feeling as confident and sexy on the inside as you look on the outside.”

La Figurelle is a lingerie brand with a dual personality. It behaves like shape-wear, pulling in those worrying parts that we all like to hide but it looks vibrant, sexy and truly feminine.

Adding to her collection, Geraldine is releasing in September a new high-waisted brief for her CIEL storyline. The brief has a medium to light shaping tummy panel, flattering mesh detail on the back which supports and shapes. It is adorned with silver baroque ribbon and delicate bows add a touch of luxury. The new brief that will retail for €40.00 or £34.00, completes the stylish powder blue CIEL underbust corselette and bra set.

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