Sleek ‘Lip 4’ Lipstick Palette

I am the ultimate lipstick hoarder so these new Sleek lipstick palettes are absolutely ideal!! Sleek ‘Lip 4’ palette contains 4 colors in varying textures: matte, satin and gloss!

Sleek ‘Lip 4’ Palette

I found these in Superdrug where they have a 2 for 1 sale across all cosmetics ranges at the moment. I bought 2 palettes ‘Showgirl’ and ‘Siren’ and I really am loving them!! You can wear the colours individually or mixed together, applied very sheer or build for a a more opaque coverage. The colour pay off is brilliant, the colours are lovely and bright and can be dupes for a lot of popular colours from other premium brands.



These palettes are amazing value at £8.99 each, for four colours and are available online at and across Superdrug stores! This is a great way to give sleek lipsticks a try if you’re new to the brand and start your sleek make-up collection! I sure love them!




And make sure you keep an eye out for limited edition palettes. They currently have one called ‘Mardi Gras’ and it is beautiful!


Azryah Harvey,

Beauty Blogger

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