Diorskin Forever Foundation: Launch of darker shades!

I always admire Dior from a far because before recently I couldn’t buy complexion products from the, but I happened to glance over to their concession a few weeks back and saw new foundation shades! I went over and inquired which foundation would be the best for someone with oily skin who likes a full long wear coverage and she suggested ‘Diorskin Forever’. She told me that they had just very recently added new shades and I was elated!!! She gave me a sample of shade 050 and so I took it and gave it a go!

Diorskin Forever: 050

I really like this foundation! The formula is lightweight, but yet it gives a really good coverage and it definitely has stay in power like the name suggests! The packaging is also lovely and as my first purchase from Dior I’m a happy customer! Up next to try is their mascara!!

Azryah Harvey,

Beauty Blogger


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