Elena Canter’s new jewellery store

Elena Canter opens her new online jewellery store displaying a collection of her latest designs. She has been creating handmade jewels and sculpture since 1988. Her signature style has a mixture of Avant-garde and survival elements of the past. Most of her sources are from African tribal jewellery, Celtic designs with knot and spirals and necklaces of the ancient Egypt. Some of her bracelets, pendants and medallions reflect the artistic movement such as Cubism, Art-Deco or modern architecture. She also creates exclusive collections for museums such as Picasso Museum in Málaga, Miró Foundation in Barcelona and The Museum of Fine Arts in Bilba.

She aims at a sensitive, educated and independent woman who personalizes and individualizes her appearance.

Her jewellery can be found in Spain, London, Tokyo and New York, and on her online a store: http://www.elenacanter.com/




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