Westminster Fashion Show

There was an amazing show held at the University of Westminster. We could admire selection of work from this year’s fashion graduates. The collections were very contemporary fashion inspired.

The show started with Lisa Clayton geometrical designs, she was using metallic fabrics and very bright colours. It was good to see how she was folding and wrapping different type of fabrics around the models body. After that Grace Cooper ‘s black and yellow collection arrived on the catwalk. It was real urban style. She embroidered magnified letters as embellishment on her outfits and used more layers with different fabrics. Sophie Tolhurst pleated dresses was an interesting concept with mixture of leather pieces and woven squares.

Dominic Chapman collection based on menswear, he was inspired by computer circuit boards and he put this image on ponchos and men’s leggings. It looked very masculine and a bit feminine at the same time. Colour choice (olive green with orange) for the ponchos reminded me of the old school bomber jackets just in a rethink and more developed version. Tom Guy sparkly creation was very futuristic but feminine. He used shiny plastic flowers giving a 3D element on his fabric. Louise Whittington put a twist in her white dresses with the hanging straps and buckles .This impression reminded me of straitjacket recreated to beautiful dresses.

Back to nature, Holly Penford collection was amazing with huge flowers embroidery with all the natural colours and big amount of fabric, where she was using for her oversize dresses .She also designed shoes for the outfits with bells. James Pawson’s menswear collection was simpler. His minimalist design was spiced up with interesting shapes, buttons and stripes. Sarah Dowling collection put us back to the more exaggerated and maxi style. She used different techniques, colours and styles. Most memorable was her pillow dress.

My favourite one was Sian Thomas psychedelic dresses. The dresses were easy, floating and very feminine summer wear. Claire Storey collection was like a mix and match concept of different fabrics. A range of patchwork, beautifully woven coats with lots of colours floating on the catwalk.
Neon colours! Chloey Bayles draped and gathered dresses were very innovative. She mixed natural draped fabrics with PVC, nylon and metallic materials.

Spider webs, threads and lots of yarns.  Victoria Rowe designs were layered where she experimented with threads in different sizes. Sophie Nuttall, paper look-alike collection with geometric form. I liked the way she played with simple shapes such as rectangles and circles. Aaron Tubb menswear collection was very cool and very masculine. He used the Russian Cyrillic alphabet for his prints and concept.

We could see beautiful prints on Louise Alsop black and white dresses. Last but not least Oversized scarf prints! Philli Wood collection was an almost knitted collection, or rather printed with knit effect. Neon colours made the collection more outstanding and grandiose.

This was a breathtaking, exciting and brilliant graduate show. I hope to see many more of these young designers in the future. Good luck to you all!


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