International Bridal Design Fair White gallery- Özlem Süer

 Avant-Garde, Experimental, Conceptual and Neo-Romantic, this is how I could describe the Turkish designer, Özlem Süer. Her bridal wear was completely different from what we are use to for a traditional wedding. The collections created by draping method using a unique language in harmony with the nature in the journey from yarn to fabric preserve their timeless standing that contains a detail from the spirit of each design, that inspires a feeling of belonging.


She also creates ready to wear costumes for red-carpet parties, bridal gowns for wedding ceremonies, and custom-designs. The brand has been worn and followed by celebrities such as Meg Ryan and Lydia Hearst.

The designer brand meets fashion followers in over 150 prestige concept boutiques and multi-storey malls in Turkey and worldwide with ready-made.

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