Revlon ‘Nearly Naked’ Makeup

Revlon Nearly Naked: Foundation & Pressed Powder

I can confidently say that Revlon is one of my favourite drugstore brands, because they have such great quality for such good prices and I am no stranger to their foundations. Revlon Nearly Naked is their makeup range that was launched in February that comes in a foundation and pressed powder.

Nearly Naked is a light weight foundation that has been formulated with hollow silica pigments. These enable light to scatter and diminish the look of fine lines while letting enough light through to give a natural and seamless finish. This ‘soft focus effect’ balances skin and makeup so they work together, allowing the makeup to
mimic skin’s tone and texture.

If you like a natural, light weight foundation that is easily blendable and naturally beautiful pop into your local drugstore and give Revlon Nearly Naked a go!

Revlon Nearly Naked Make Up (RRP: £8.99) and Pressed Powder (RRP: £7.99)
Available now from Boots stores nationwide /

Azryah Harvey,

Beauty Blogger


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