Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap is a British eccentric and innovative musician considered by some the epitome of a digital diva. Her talent spans from the craft of songwriting to elaborate, live multi-instrumental improvisations, building on a unique voice, classical training and unusual tech-savvness. Self produced and independent, she blurs the boundaries between pure artforms and creative entrepreneurship.

Much more than a studio rat, she is an accomplished performer having toured the worldwith 4 albums: iMegaphone, Speak for Yourself, Details (produced/written with Guy Sigsworth in their duo, Frou Frou), and the 2009 Ellipse earning her a Grammy and Ivor Novello award.

‘Telemisscommunications’ is her new song released on the 12th of March which is a production along with deadmau5.

The singer adds her melancholic, signature vocals to ensure an easy listen. As for the video we are shown various types of animation as a phone call takes place. To make the video, a competition was launched where 20 animators were selected to make their own clips for the video. They each took over their own section and made it in any style they wanted which is what makes the overall clip so unique.

Besides all of it, Imogen Heap is been running a very outside the box project, The Gloves Project, which is a new, wearable and stylish musical interface that allow you to manipulate sound by simply moving your hands. Check it out at her TED presentation on the link below.

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