The man behind Tropics is Chris Ward, a British producer and multi-instrumentalist who handles vintage synths and Rhodes keyboards, softwares, guitars, electric bass and live drums. Apparently, his debut album, Parodia Flare, was recorded in the walk-in closet at his house, but it might as well have been the South American rainforest, such is the mood of lush verdancy and techno exotica. He’s influenced by the 70’s jams, post-punk and whatever else he taped in his youth, bringing us the radiant sounds of dreamy, summer nostalgia.

He had his biggest success to date with November’s Popup Cinema EP,  a lovely chilled soft housey song. The EP sees Ward’s touchingly soft vocals begin to take centre stage in his sound, and hints at greater things to come.

‘Compellingly lush’ – Pitchfork

‘Impressive stuff’ – Paul Lester, The Guardian

‘Seriously nice!’ – Bibiana Farenzena, The Bite Magazine

Stream the whole thing here.


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