LFW Day One: Antoni and Alison Spring/Summer 2013

Last season Antoni and Alison woke us up with some industrial style music, a bit harsh on the ears for nine in the morning, but this season a brass band was the music for the designers 25-year anniversary show. In a spoken piece from the designers before the show began, we were told that the designers locked themselves away for 4 days and painted. The designs that they came up with, became the grounding for this collection. Billowing silk dresses (the Antoni and Alison staple) came flowing down the runway with intricate designs upon them. Whether they were mid length or floor length the 2 designers seemed to cover the whole spectrum. We saw delicate floral patterning, bejewelled printing and a soft feather dye print upon dresses and the introduction of a jacket was also brought in this season. Overall an enjoyable collection from the 2 designers and a perfect way to kick start Fashion Week.

Have you seen the ongoings at NYFW?

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