Bite Exclusive – In Pandora – Call of the Pharaoh – EXODUS

Pandora – Call of the Pharaoh – Exodus , is the latest project from esteemed author Fozia Aslam Mahroof. The novel itself takes us on a whirlwind journey, which is full of mysterious and complex twists.

The protagonist of the novel, Hannah Sykes, appears to be a regular down to earth mother of 2, yet as the novel develops we discover the dark secret that she has been keeping from her family. Hannah’s future is about to drastically change, and on a date that is so significant within ancient literature, 21st December 2012. As the book unfolds we see Hannah’s struggle against the dark magical world, the capturing of her children and finally Hannah is left to face up to her heritage, because running is no longer an option.

Overall this story is ‘A modern contemporary story that has all the vital elements needed for it to be a fantastic read. The characters each have their own unique persona, witty, cunning and charismatic. Readers will be enticed into wanting to accompany them on this bizarre journey into this fantastical world. Welcoming them into their hearts and minds.’

The full review of this book will be unveiled in the next edition of The Bite Magazine, which will available from 15th October 2012.

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