A Week in Couture With Karlie Kloss

Predictable as this post may be, it inevitably had to be done. Karlie Kloss (the super of supermodels) certainly raised a few eyebrows at Couture week. This season we saw Kloss’ signature piercing stare and strong militant walk sauntering down runways for Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gualtier and Versace. However I did have one qualm this season, Dior without Karlie??? Well that’s like a martini without the Vermouth, incomplete. Nevertheless her fiery appearance at Jean Paul Gualtier certainly lit up the room, while her dainty and elegant appearances at Elie Saab completed Couture Week to perfection. Until September Miss Kloss.

See Karlie’s looks below

Jean Paul Gaultier

 Atelier Versace 

Elie Saab 

Elie Saab 

Elie Saab

Images taken from www.models.com and Vogue

Have you seen Karlie for Vogue Japan?

See Karlie for Elie Saab A/W 12-13

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