Fabergé Launches Online Boutique

We have all dreamt about owning a piece of Fabergé jewellery, from their iconic egg pendants, evoking images of lavish Russian heritage, to their stunning timepieces which are inspired by the Russian Imperial Court, these iconic and master jewellers are preparing to bring you the ultimate experience in online shopping.

From the 16th April 2012, bespoke jewellers, Fabergé, will be unveiling their online boutique, in which Fabergé lovers  can purchase some of the most celebrated and distinguished pieces of jewellery from across the globe.

At present you can only purchase Fabergé in-store, but since the arrival of their new online boutique, you will be able to indulge in some of the most delectable Russian inspired jewels at the click of a button.

The website itself has retained that high class and sophistication that Fabergé itself is famous for. The collections, Les Saisons Russes, Les Fabuleuses, Les Fameux, Le Carnet de Bal, Solyanka and Les Favorites capture the romanticism, the decadence and the pure charm that is instantly recognisable when purchasing into a bit of Fabergé history.  You can also share and save your favourite pieces, making the overall shopping experience with this company an absolute visual delight.

Delivery is a available in up to 29 countries worldwide, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom and the USA to name a few.

Shop: http://www.faberge.com

Ipad Application: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mir-faberge/id439887028?mt=8 

For further information contact:

Tatiana Zherebkina

Email: tatiana.zherebkina@faberge.com

Direct Line: +44 (0) 20 7659 4960




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