CR Fashion Book

Carine Roitfeld, (the previous editor of French Vogue) has announced the name of her new magazine. ‘CR Fashion Book’ will be the newest digital and printed magazine, that will inevitably be taking our shelves by storm.

So here are a few details of what to expect from Roitfeld’s book:

  • The name of the book is CR, named after Roitfeld herself.  You can expect her signature of the front as well as on the top of the pages inside the book, thus giving a more personalised touch.
  • It shall be a bi-annual magazine, with the first edition expected to reach our shelves come September 2012.
  • It will be published by Visionaire (Fashion Media Group LLC) and be based in New York City.
  • Each edition is supposed to include a theme, the first theme being Obsession as you can see from the images that are available below.
  • There will be articles that are printed in Roitfeld’s native tongue, with an English translation at the back.
  • The magazine will be divided into sections, for example Icons, Muses, Skincare and Fitness.
  • There will be no pictures from Mario Testino, due to his commitments with other publications, but since Carine recently collaborated with Lagerfeld (see, could there be a chance of seeing some of his work?
  • And finally Roitfeld has explicitly revealed that this magazine will definitely not be in competition with her previous magazine Vogue. In a recent interview with WWD she explained ‘You can’t put yourself into competition with a magazine like Vogue; you have to create something new, something different’.

For preview images of the mock up for this magazine, see below.

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