London Fashion Week Day 2: Temperley Autumn/Winter 2012-13

When a show is entitled ‘Renaissance’, several adjectives spring to mind, opulence, decadence, wealth and grandeur. This season at Temperley this is exactly what we saw. From the opening look, which was a delectable floor length gown featuring embroidered floral patterns, to the closing look, which was a dramatic gown featuring jewelled embellishment, sequins and a stunning handcrafted collar, there was no doubt that this show was going to leave editors, bloggers and photographers in absolute awe of the sheer exquisiteness of this collection.

Shape wise it was classic, gorgeous A-lined skirts came floating down the catwalk in the most charming of materials. We saw gold ostentatious sequinned skirts, bold quilted orange skirts and shimmering bronze skirts (which featured a fantastic tapestry style print) all meshed together with demur style blouses. Rosette style belts featuring circular jewels added touches of true renaissance luxe to each look.

Fur was another key factor adding to the ‘look of luxe’ this season at Temperley, as most of the models were adorned with these oversized fur hats, which added a touch of Russian imperialism to this collection.

Floral lace, a signature characteristic of Temperley, was featured on the front of dresses. It gave the collection a modest touch. The lace formed a sweetheart style neckline and then plunged down the dress in one swift line. Perfectly contrasting the black and burnt orange dresses that it was featured upon.

While the closing looks returned to the illustrious renaissance time period exposing these sensational style floor length gowns. The fine embroidery, the acute detailing and the regal jewels, only further developed that majestic stance that Temperley intended on portraying. My personal favourite was a black sheer dress featuring silver and gold sequins. The way that the sequins were stitched paralleled fish scales, yet the detailing upon the torso of this dress resembled butterflies, each of the bronze jewels acting as the pattern upon a butterfly’s body.

Overall this collection was a visual delight. The sparkling gems, the stately fur and of course the use of luxe fabrics. It was a collection designed for a Princess, and who knows maybe our newly crowned Princess will be the first to wear this decadent collection.

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