London Fashion Week Day 1: Bora Aksu Autumn/Winter 2012-13

‘Their beauty could not never been painted had they been seen for real’. This was the opening statement on the press release from Bora Aksu. Aksu chose the Vivian girls from the 15,000 page book ‘In realms of the unreal’ as the inspiration for this show. These girls endured extreme hardship after ‘fighting a revolution against the tyrannical universe’. Aksu has used the innocence and strength of these women to form the main composition of this show.

The colour scheme was romantic, soft and feminine. Lots of soft pink hues and muted grey tones were featured. Pattern wise, this collection was predominately composed of floral printing (which was inspired by 1950’s style tapestries and wallpaper). But it was not just the clothes in which we saw this dynamic floral printing; it was featured upon the tights too. And while this printing could have been determined as a bit dated, it only succumbed to the femininity that the show depicted and gave the collection a wholly enigmatic yet dainty charm. While soft pleating, baby-doll inspired dresses and pussy bows, which were featured upon the clothing only added to the womanly concept that this show portrayed.

See highlights from this show below.

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