London Fashion Week Day 1: Corrie Nielsen

It was quite obvious from the show invitation that this show was going to have a Scottish subtext. Yes there was tartan and lots of it, and while some do screw their noses up at tartan, Corrie Nielsen managed to work this print into her show in an exceptionally prolific and captivating way.

The collection was dark, voluminous and everything you would expect from a Corrie Nielsen show.

Things I liked most about this show was the incredible shoulder embellishment that some of the looks adorned, it was exaggerated, it was loud, it fitted in beautifully. Also the lace headwear and millinery was prolific, it added to the eerie stance that the show portrayed. But it was not until the final looks that you could really see the couture element that Nielsen brought straight to London’s runway. One of these dresses, a gargantuan puffball tartan skirt,  mesmerised those within the BFC , and I am still revelling in its beauty a day later.

Overall you have to remember that Nielsen does not make clothes, she makes costumes, costumes that echo the history of our past. The only difference is that these costumes exude high fashion, exceptional tailoring and supreme style.

See my favourite looks below.


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