Dior Couture Spring/Summer 2012

Dior Couture, back in the days of John Galliano, used to be one of the most highly anticipated shows of the week, now as times have changed and we have progressed to another designer, the ambience of the show has changed. Last season many were not impressed with what Bill Gaytten produced, so this season Gaytten decided to play it safe.

Traditional and fifties inspired, this collection theoretically could do no wrong. Overall it oozed femminity, there were shirts worn with full fifties style skirts, dogtooth pattering and pleated skirts, all of which could only reinforce that safe yet glamorous stance that the collection portrayed. But it was not until the ball gowns came to light that the real heart of Dior was shown. Gowns featuring crystals and sequins brought the magical element to the runway, leaving you breathless and longing for one of these bespoke gowns. It brought a little bit of John back to Dior.

Colour wise expect to see a simplistic colour scheme, lots of blacks, whites and the odd beige, but then you get these sharp and much needed injections of red and purple which can only be described as visually stunning. It reminded you of old Dior, pre Gaytten.

Hair and make-up wise, Gaytten dressed the women down. Fifties inspired bobs and fresh-faced women gave the collection a romantic stance, so that the clothes could do all the talking.

Overall this collection was wearable, which is unusual for a couture show, especially Dior. It had no whimsical element, it was beautiful yes, but it was too wearable, has Gaytten possibly played it too safe this season?






Images taken from www.nowfashion.com

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