Dolce and Gabbana Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012

This season at Dolce and Gabbana you can expect two things, sumptuousness and splendour. These two extraordinary designers took you on a whirlwind journey of exceptional tailoring and outstanding elegance. From the opening look, which was a gorgeous dark woollen cape coat complete with a 3-piece suit featuring velvet lapels, to the closing look, Domenico and Stefano have shown us that men around the world should be embracing this reformed style of dress. From lavish gold embroidery upon the jackets to the beautiful chunky knitwear, it was obvious that this show would be clean cut and classic, showing prim dressing in the most profligate of ways.


Accessories wise expect the Dolce and Gabbana man to be wearing a flat cap complete with a sumptuous leather holdall and in some cases a bow tie. Footwear wise, we have these toughened up boots and smart brogue-esque shoes that only help accentuate the beauty of the high tailored suits that were worn.


Overall the collection was timeless; it was collection that could be worn season after season with the upmost versatility. Dolce and Gabbana brought formality and functionality to the catwalk in the most opulent of ways.

See the full show and behind the scene footage below.


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