Gucci Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012

Whenever Gucci presents a fashion show you can always guarantee a few staple requirements. One, a star studded front row. two, gorgeous sultry models and finally, some of the most intricately tailored clothing that Milan will see season to season.


This season at Gucci, it was all about that floral motif. Brooding male models with intensely defined cheekbones came sauntering down the runway in the most decadent of ways, adorned with rich velveteen jackets some of which featured that aforementioned floral printing. But this printing was not an eyesore, Gianni cleverly disguised the print only making it seep into the fabric, creating the illusion of what can only be described a richer, fuller and deeper material.


This season there were many interesting points of focus, firstly, the colour scheme. Gianni incorporated rich bottle green into most of her collection, thus showing that this winter the Gucci man will be all about those dark and murky earthy tones. Secondly, eveningwear was acutely highlighted, and finally, Gianni added these gorgeous enamelled buttons to heighten the military stance and increase the shows level of grandeur.


When asked about the show, Gianni stated ‘these are tormented poets with an effortless attitude when it comes to mixing and creating a personal style. Fabrics that allude to the 19th Century, softly oversized pieces, shirts with a dandy hint and the nonchalance of a newly arrived young Hollywood actor’.

See my favourite looks below.

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