Prada Spring/Summer 2012

As we speak Prada are streaming their spring/summer 2012 show live from Tokyo.

This season at Prada we were taken back in time to the fifties. But this was not the conventional 1950’s; instead high waisted pleated skirts worn with bandeau tops and paisley printed flower coats were not the subject of taboo, but the subject of true class and glamour, because after all isn’t the Prada women the epitome of glamour in its many forms?

Whereas last season at Prada the theme was monkeys and bananas, this season we look to cars for the inspiration. But not just any old cars, expect to see many a women wearing thunderbird style vehicles and hot rods on their clothing in the not so distant future.

We see cotton bandeaus with high waisted skirts forming the main composition of this collection. As well as elastic waisted skirts we also saw mid length, high waisted, leather skirts in a rich wine and pine tree green but to make these skirts something outstanding, Mrs Prada detailed thunderbird and hot rod style cars showing true mechanical style.

1950’s style dresses came sauntering down the runway with either thunderbird cars upon or sharp acute knife pleats. All of these displayed that beautiful pastel colour scheme of light blues, pale yellows or an occasional flame print adorning the hemlines of the skirt. I particularly liked the swimsuits that were shown with large satin overcoats. These coats were featured in nude, dark, green and of-course Prada’s new iconic car print. It brought an overall touch of femminity and understated sexuality to the collection reminding us, that less is absolutely more.

But what I found truly great this season at Prada was the plunging necklines that emulated a bodice. With a different colour lining each of the heart shaped bodices, it perfectly accentuated the top of the torso, only to re-iterate the sexiness and the cool cuts that derived from the fifties era.

Overall an utterly feminine collection, showing clear indication of the iconic pieces that we shall all be after comes spring.

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