The Bite Magazine - Spring/Summer 2020 - Issue 27

Jada Brookes explored artist Tiffanie Delune’s first solo exhibition ‘Seeds of Light’ with Ed Cross Fine Art curated by Katherine Finerty which was shown virtually online during the coronavirus pandemic. bite exhibition nial mixed-race background and the epiphanies of adult- hood by personifying them as magical creatures in colour- ful exotic flora, playing with angles, flatness, and depths.” The artist is inspired by the cutouts of Matisse and African textiles and works with a host of materials including acrylic, oils, pastels, charcoal, graphite, pencils, papers, and fabrics such as wool, nets, and women’s tights, as well as shells, and leaves which are translated onto stretched large or individ- ual rolls of canvas, and smaller pieces of paper. “Sharp lines taken from the Belgian family background in architecture as well as fantasies about the Motherland represent a con- stant duality in my work.” Tiffanie has discovered that painting acts as a gargoyle in her spiritual journey, guarding herself against the devils of the mind. “I intend to show the healing power and stillness found in rich colours and bold shapes when focusing on the unexpected beauty of life. In my paintings, nature serves as a symbol of hope and strength while dramatic collage shows personal growth and empowerment. One can find a sense of belonging through the painful process of dissecting family history in order to rebuild its own journey.” Following her debut at 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair 2019, Tiffanie’s first solo exhibition Seeds of Light with Ed Cross Fine Art curated by Katherine Finerty was ini- tially shown at The Gramophone Works in Kensal Green, London from 6 to 25 March 2020. Following government 003 Tiffanie Delune - Dancing With The Universe 015 Tiffanie Delune - The Unknown 002 Tiffanie Delune - Alone Isnt Lonely