The Bite Magazine - Autumn/Winter 2019 - Issue 26

bite beauty troduced to the world of internal cleansing and detox in 2001 and began living it as a lifestyle a year later. After one colonic I knew I was onto something special, then after a fewmonths of diet change and colonics, I felt like a different person.” “Then a few years later, after many years of working in post-production in the film business I was ready to make a change and I became a colon hydrotherapist. I was extremely fortunate to fall into a group of highly talented and knowl- edgeable therapists at a colonic centre called Chakra 17. They taught me most of what has become the foundation of knowl- edge and skill I have around this work. After nearly ten years of working as a colon hydrotherapist there, then at LYT, I was in a position to open DTX Cellular Evolution with Cindy Su- arez in 2013.” At DTX, the sole aim is to help people first and foremost relax and centre themselves on deep cleansing, i.e. cellular evolu- tion. “Cellular Evolution is the DTX philosophy of creating a happy, healthier life through physical, mental and spiritual practices. It is the journey to an evolved and sophisticated cellular state where you experience constant, progressive, im- provement in your health and wellbeing. We believe in deal- ing with the root causes, not just symptoms and that means dealing with the most basic building blocks of our body – our cells. We are made up 37.2 trillion of them!” Living in the ‘City That Never Sleeps’ definitely takes a toll on one’s physical being - the constant noise, air pollution, not- so-healthy food choices on every street corner, not to mention just the sheer congestion and stress of living with some eight million people on a teeny, tiny island. DTX is here to help ease these tensions and replace them with calm, clean and centred reenergised bodies. The contemporary design of the studio space also helps one immediately feel at peace when they walk in through the glass door.