The Bite Magazine - Spring 2019 - Issue 24

bite cuisine Sixties Rock “Vivi is not just a name but a lively, vi- vacious identity. As Roman numerals, VIVI gives a nod to 1966, the year Cen- tre Point was born.” D espite taking its inspiration from the decade when the iconic Centre Point in London’s West End was built in 1966, VIVI Restaurant & Bar has a sense of modern and plush flair that opens up a whole new world of all-day dining. This beautifully furnished establishment is the latest opening by the rhubarb hospitality group be- hind Sky Garden and Hudson Yards in New York, with four unique dining and drinking zones that consist of the VIVI Bar, VIVI Dining, VIVI Liquid Lounge and VIVI Gallery. Whether you take the stairs or the lift up to the restaurant located on the upper level, you’ll be greeted by a psychedelic picture of Joanna Lumley from her early days in the 1970’s The New Avengers . Another picture with wavy lines of pink, blue and orange stripes going across it depicts an image of Twiggy from her modelling days with those beautiful big blue eyes and that iconic pixie haircut. A couple of rugs with the ‘VIVI’ name forming a pattern across it lead you into the reception area of the restaurant. You will be totally blown away by VIVI as we were when we came to experience their seasonal ‘60s inspired dishes. This plush and elegantly designed restaurant is decorated with smooth leather banquettes in royal blue and chairs in a rich palette of baby pink and white. The tables are a selection of round and square with white or black marble stone surfaces. But what really caught my attention immediately was the be- spoke abstract chandelier handmade by Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt suspended in the centre of the dining area. As you walk into the restaurant, you’ll pass the bar on your right which forms an oval shape with an arch of glasses hanging upside down overhead. A host of alcoholic bever- ages is on a central table and the high chairs surrounding the bar are in prestige turquoise-blue leather with long thin black legs and gold tips at the bottom. The flooring on which