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o say it has been a trying few months for the UK with

the fallout of the Brexit referendum leave vote and

a change in people’s regard for each other, would be

an understatement.With the resignation of David

Cameron as Prime Minister and Teresa May set to

take over the reins as the second woman of power in

the UK, after Margaret Thatcher, can we truly remain

confident in our leadership? Although we are not a

political magazine, this very question must be running

through many people’s minds. Let’s hope that as a

nation we will be able to thrive in our independence from the European

Union and that our future will be a bright one.

Going onto a much happier note, we got the opportunity to discover

more about sensational singer FKA Twigs whose status as actor Robert

Pattinson’s fianceé seems to be getting more press than her actual singing



try to understand the thinking mind of KanyeWest

who seems displeased all the time and discover why it took so long for his

latest album to be


pay tribute to boxing legend Muhammad

Ali who sadly passed away on 3


June this year with our reviews on

both the gallery exhibition in Ladbroke Grove and the

I AmThe Greatest

exhibition at the O2 in North Greenwich. The amazing punk era pioneer

VivienneWestwood is the subject of our major designer profile who is still going strong at the age of 75 and we

also feature the forever sensational Kate Moss in our model profile.

We get introduced to up-and-coming artist Daniel Warnecke whose amazing paintings and miniature figurines

simply take our breaths away. Although, it wasn’t intentional, we ended up featuring two of the best vodkas on

the market: Belvedere and New Amsterdam whose distinguished iconographies really stand out. Each one has

its own unique story to tell and a wonderful collection of delicious cocktail ideas that I’m sure we will be trying

out very soon. As always we bring you our reviews of the best restaurants in the city and beyond. In this issue, we

had the privilege of enjoying the cuisine of TheWallace

Restaurant in Marylebone and Mint Leaf in Haymarket

which both provided amazing experiences.

The legend of Coco Chanel is celebrated in the


Catwalk:The Complete Karl Lagerfeld Collections


thanks to the creative director revived the dormant

fashion house in 1983. Ford has revamped yet another

one of their vintage models, presenting the all-new Ford

GT whose forerunner, the GT40 made history on the

racetrack from 1966 to 1969, while PayPal creator Elon

Musk beat potential competition to produce the fully all-

electric saloon Tesla Model S that has surprised some car

enthusiasts but has also been received positively.

With so much, much more packed into our summer 2016

issue, there will be plenty of content and images to keep

you fully engaged.

Natasha Yexley

Editor at Large

editor’s letter

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