BM: So living in San Francisco, does it
equally have its influences?
There’s a great folk scene in San Fran-
cisco being led by a friend of ours who
actually introduced us. It’s run by Aaron
Glass (aka Papa Bear). It's a small city and
he is focusing on building a community out
of local musicians and we are excited to be
a part of that.
BM: Do you find yourselves hard placed
by today’s standards?
Not entirely, I think music takes its
time in getting to its audience. As far as
today’s sound in pop, we feel like we fit
into the Edward Sharpe, Monsters and
Men, and Lumineers crowd. I think believ-
ing in one’s ability is important, diving into
song writing sessions keeps us constant,
we seem to be on a quite a roll.
BM: Will this be your first duo Kendra?
And is it as you expected?
It’s good to counter balance your
weaknesses. Mark is a much better guitar-
ist than I am, and I have a stronger back-
ground in vocals so it works out nicely.
Song writing too, it has been equally inspir-
ing writing with him. Sometimes we will
come to each other with most of a con-
cept for a song already formed and then
we flush it out together, or one will have
the lyrics and the other the melody. How-
ever, recently we have been sitting down
and writing together and I have really been
enjoying that. It's hard to find someone you
feel comfortable enough with to let go of
your inhibitions and open up your creative
wavelengths but yes, Dirty Little Blondes is
my first official duo. I think exploring Thai-
land and having more free time than usual
has not only brought us closer as creative
collaborators, but has also allowed us to
reach a new level of song writing.
This sweet looking combo may have
turned a few heads on getting it on, sleep-
ing in the back of loaned campervans, sofa
surfing, but it could only add to the de-
termination of this dynamic duo, and one
that has proven its weight in gold in doing
it alone.
BM: With live performances, is there a
Our live shows are quite theatri-
cal and super lighthearted, so yes a little
preparation is required.We sometimes in-
teract with our future selves. Pre-record-
ed, we wear different costumes, tell funny
stories and chat with the crowd.We think
simply getting up there and playing music
isn't enough.We want to create an entire
experience. Everything is theatre. In Sep-
tember we played at The Convent in San
Francisco. It's called Divine Acoustics and
was held at the old chapel with two other
bands.Then we had a show at the Mini San
Francisco dealership on 18th September,
they fixed Kendra's window and bought us
a brand new guitar after her car was bro-
ken into.They saw this silly video we made
and hooked us up! Thank you so much
Mini of San Francisco. 
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