called ‘Never Say Never’ in Miami, Florida
and then married later that evening at
the Kampong National Tropical Botanical
Gardens in Coconut Grove, with guests
including Busta Rhymes, Justin Timberlake,
Usher and Robin Thicke. Pharrell, who
refers to his wife as his ‘bestie’ told New
York’s Hot 97 radio station last April,
“I’m no relationship expert, but I just
recommend that you get with your bestie,
because y’all agree on everything.” The
couple have a five-year-old son named
Rocket together.
‘Marilyn Monroe’, the second song
taken from Pharrell’s second solo album
speaks about ‘helpless romantics and
the perfect lady’ with a chorus that makes
reference to three female historical figures:
Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra and Joan of Arc.
The video for the song opens with a dream-
like visage of the singer running toward
an attractive blonde woman, perhaps
modelled on movie icon Marilyn Monroe.
When she motions for him to come closer,
she suddenly disappears into thin air as
he grabs her and the singer wakes up in
bed saying ‘different’.We then see Pharrell
riding a bike to a gym full of female dancers,
and as he dances and moves among them,
the singer expresses that Marilyn Monroe,
Cleopatra and Joan of Arc means absolutely
nothing to him and he just wants a different
girl.The video directed by Luis Cerveró has
so far amassed over 25 million views.
His third single,‘Come Get it Bae’ released
in May features sex siren Miley Cyrus
and discusses sex through the metaphor
of a motorcycle. Earlier this year, it was
announced that Pharrell would be the new
coach joining
The Voice
for its seventh
season, replacing singer CeeLo
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